Cinematography Workshops

THESE WORKSHOPS WERE AMAZING. For the past 2 days myself and 10 others attended the intense cinematography workshop in Old Granada Studios and what a joy its been.

Shooting with pro gear such as an ARRI AMERIA and a full set of ARRI lights its been a great chance to learn while being on set with friends. Our first day was mostly focused on learning what everything does. What light created what looks, how to shape that light and what to use to do that. It was freezing but as soon as we got going it was brill. Everyone was working as a team to make shots happen and with the help of James Oldham who was with us for the whole 2 days we created some amazing shots.

The second day was focused on us creating the shots. James had given us the skills and let us get on with it. Each person had a film still and with the help from the group we made it happen to the best we could.

This was my final still. Really shocked with how well this ended up. Using only one light and a 8x8 to bounce the light down it was proof that all you need is a creative mind and a few simple tools. The colour was created in camera with a 3200K white balance and slight magenta tint. No grading was needed to create this shot and it looks great!

The two days were massively helpful. Getting to use my dream camera for 2 days was brill and it's put me in good stand for my final film and a better idea of what gear I need.

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