Our funder is done!

Over the past 4 weeks myself and my team have been trying to fund our final film and yesterday that funder ended. We raised a total of £1,449! Our goal was £3,500 however we knew we were setting the bar high with that. Thankfully we can still make the movie with what we raised.

Louis has been busy budgeting the movie so that we can make the most out of that money. I've been trying to find the best deals on gear to get as much as we can for as little as we can pay.

Thankfully I've managed to pull some strings and get us an ARRI Alexa Plus for FREE! We still have to pay for lenses and such but we have our camera set! My next challenge was the lights. I asked my pals over at Calumet if they could help and they said yes! They've given us all the lighting gear for free for all our shoot days. So we're almost set to head into production!

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