Final Reflection

This is it. The final part of my degree is now over and the final films have been submitted. It’s been a real pleasure to work on those films and enjoy significant involvement in putting together the screenings at HOME. It’ll be great to see my films on the big screen before graduating in July.

For the past 3 years I’ve been developing my skills in order to become a filmmaker, while working outside of university running my own company. I've made a number of films both in and out of university. I’ve learned my trade and I feel I am ready to venture outside of university and go full-time as a filmmaker. When I started I wanted to be a director, but after experiencing many shoots at university I decided that my real passion was working behind a camera as a DoP. I discovered this at the end of first year and since then I have taken on that role in the films I created, in order to gain the maximum experience possible. I’ve learnt how to shape and craft light and how to employ these skills to tell a story by the way I light a scene. I used these expertise constantly on my final project ‘I Am Flesh’. I’ve learned my way around a multitude of cameras and professional equipment. All of this will provide essential experience when I begin to work full-time in film.

When I graduate I plan to work full-time with my own company ‘Fraggell Productions’. For the past 3 years I have been gradually building the company to it’s current position. I hope to carry on developing the business into a Social Content Agency, creating social videos for brands around the world. I feel this is where my talents lie and I want to act on this while its still current. In conjunction with this I intend to carry on my freelance work as a photographer and speaker and developing other people’s filmmaking skills. I began doing this with MIF during the month of March and I really enjoyed showing people what I do. The skills that I have learned while at university will come into play when I go on shoots. The pre-production planning will always help no matter what the project and the script writing skills I have gained will assist me everyday on set. I hope to one day take on Jack Silverwood and Sam Hassel as employees in my company. I love the team we have created and I think they would be a major asset to my team at Fraggell. As well as my video work at Fraggell I wish to carry on growing the Facebook pages that I have started. The videos that I post gather around 80,000 views a week and the pages are growing fast. I hope to monetise these pages so they can become another revenue stream for my company.

One of the biggest issues on my mind at this moment is ‘I Am Flesh’. We worked on this film for so long and we want to make sure that it gets the exposure we feel it deserves. We plan to use the remaining money from the funder to pay for the film to be entered into festivals around the world and hopefully win some awards! We intend to start in the UK, on the festival circuit and work our way outwards worldwide for the next 12 months. I think we stand a real good chance of getting the film into some major screenings. We had massive support from our backers when funding the film and they all loved the final product. We plan to carry on marketing the film via Facebook with the growing audience we have, together with our mailing list we set up for the film and from the backers that funded the film. This was a great idea and one that has helped us to get the word out quickly about when and where the film is being shown.

Overall I feel that the skills I have learned over the past 3 years will come into use everyday of my working life. I’m so thankful for the life long connections I have established and the films I have made while studying. I’m going into my working life confident that I will be able to become a full-time filmmaker.

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